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“Lewis and Clark on the Snake and Columbia Rivers”

Illustrated presentation by Robert Heacock, author of Wind
Hard From the West: Lewis and Clark on the Snake and
Columbia Rivers (Photography by Kris Townsend)

Saturday, December 2, 2pm at the Cole & Ustick Library,
7557 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID

Hosted by the Idaho Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail
Heritage Foundation,

Contact: Sue Buchel, or 406-788-8923

Robert Heacock, a Kennewick, Washington native now residing in
Spokane, has a long-standing interest in the rivers of his youth and the
early history of the Pacific Northwest. Rob serves on the Washington,
Oregon and Idaho Chapters of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage
Foundation, and is an officer of the Spokane Westerners Corral, and a
member of the Ice Age Floods Institute. An avid outdoorsman, Rob has
hiked, boated and fished the locations about which he writes.

The Columbia and Snake Rivers were among the most mysterious to non-
native explorers. In the late 18th century, several voyagers touched upon
the margins of this mighty river system, but it was the American, Captain
Robert Gray, who finally located and entered the mouth of the Columbia
in 1792. The British, Russians and Spanish had earlier and active
interest in the Northwest. Napoleon’s signing over of the Louisiana
Territory to the United States in 1803 gave our young nation an
opportunity to reach beyond its new border into the vast Columbia River
Drainage. President Jefferson felt the need to compete for this piece of
the Northern Hemisphere, so planned for and dispatched Captain
Meriwether Lewis and his Corps of Discovery to seek a connection from
the newly acquired Louisiana Territory to the Pacific Ocean. Heacock’s
book begins and ends where the Lewis and Clark Expedition met what is
now known as the Snake River, as it enters the State of Washington. In
that time, they encountered some of the most spectacular landscapes and
endured times as desperate as any on the entire journey.

We'll have refreshments and time for folks to visit with Rob after the