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The Idaho chapter, in cooperation with the BLM, has created the Main Oregon Trail
Back Country Byway.  As Idaho's 30th officially approved byway, the MOTBCB
closely follows the route of the Oregon Trail from the crossing of the Snake River at
Three Island Crossing near Glenns Ferry to Bonneville Point southeast of Boise.  

Mapboard signs describing the route are available in Glenns Ferry overlooking the
Snake River, in Mountain Home at the visitors center, and on Highway 20 north of
Mountain Home by the tank.  Interpretive signs are placed at 10 points of interest
along the byway.  Posters describing the byway are displayed in the Blacks Creek and
Bliss rest areas on I-84.  Byway directional signs guide the traveller along the byway
route.  Caution should be used, however, as vandals regularly remove the signs,  
causing confusion along the route.

A booklet providing details of the route and interesting diary quotes for the various
locations can be obtained from the BLM offices in Boise.  

The Idaho Scenic Byways website now contains a link for this byway which provides
pictures and information about many of the sites along the route.  For more
information about the Main Oregon Trail Back Country Byway, please see the
documents and websites listed below or contact Jerry Eichhorst.
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