IOCTA Membership
Membership in IOCTA requires that you must also be a member of OCTA.  

The form for OCTA membership which includes chapter membership in IOCTA may be
found at the link below, or at the OCTA Website  (  Fill out the
form and send it with your check for OCTA membership as well as for membership in the
Idaho Chapter (and any of the other chapters you choose) to the National Headquarters
address shown on the form.  

Besides the benefits of membership in OCTA, chapter benefits in IOCTA membership
include the chapter newsletter "Trail Dust", and an opportunity to participate in Chapter
activities such as field trips, research, and trail marking.  Membership runs congruent
with your OCTA membership.  Membership dues in IOCTA are $10.00 per person per
year.  Your dues contribute to our Chapter efforts to preserve the Trail
s in Idaho.

To join IOCTA, please complete the membership form at the link below and send
it with the national and local chapter dues to the address shown on the form.
Printable Membership Form
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Curious about IOCTA?       What does the group do?         Why should you join?

IOCTA is a group of people dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of emigrant trails
across Idaho.  We are fortunate because Idaho has hundreds of miles of trails which still
exist.  These trails cross the southern part of the state from the Wyoming border to the
Oregon border.  We share an interest in the trails but also in the great outdoors of Idaho
and history in general.  We come from all walks of life, have a wide variety of ages, and a
tremendous range of knowledge of the trails.  Some people are dedicated to research and
documenting the history of the trails.  Others just like to get out and hike across the ruts
followed so many years ago by the emigrants.  It is a great group of people and lifelong
friendships have been developed for many.

We try to have a mix of outings throughout the year to enjoy and learn about the trails.  
Some outings are for sharing the trails.  In these outings, a leader will organize a tour
and/or hike on a portion of the trail.  These outings are often done after the three regular
Board of Directors and Membership meetings held through the year.  

Other outings are marking outings where a section of trail is hiked and carsonite markers
are installed to mark the route of the trail.  These are generally organized by the
Preservation Officer or another person familiar with the section of the trail.  These require
a little work to pound the stakes into the ground.

In the last couple of years, we have been fortunate to have two major discoveries of
emigrant roads within Idaho.  Through lots of research and many exploratory outings, the
North Alternate Oregon Trail has been identified and Goodale's North Cutoff has been
discovered.  Imagine the fun of participating in the discovery of history!

Outings are planned in the spring for the rest of the year.  We try to spread the outings
around the state so that everyone can enjoy the fun.  All outings are open to everyone
interested in joining the trip.  Some will require off road vehicles but most will not.  
Ridesharing is always available so don't let the high price of gas be a concern!  Concerned
that you won't know anybody there?  Don't worry - after coming out for an outing you'll
have new friends.

Membership in OCTA includes the quarterly
Overland Journal magazine which features
stories about the emigrant trails.  Membership in the Idaho chapter, IOCTA, includes the
Trail Dust newsletter which is packed with information about outings and discoveries
across Idaho.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact any of the members listed in the
Trail Dust newsletter.  Everyone is welcome at meeting or outings and active participation
is encouraged!  Please come join us in sharing the trails of Idaho!