Welcome to IOCTA
Idaho Chapter of Oregon-California Trails Association

The IOCTA organization is dedicated to education about, preservation, and
enjoyment of the emigrant trails through Idaho.  Primary activities are trail
marking in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management, National
Park Service, and US Forest Service, and trail outings where
knowledgeable members lead expeditions on trail segments.  Planning and
business meetings are held a few times a year.

Many of the members of IOCTA have a wealth of knowledge about the
Oregon Trail.  Some have spent many years exploring and researching the
emigrant trails.  Several are published authors of books about the trail.  
Members of IOCTA come from 5 states throughout the area.

All people interested in the history of the emigrant trails through Idaho are
encouraged to participate.  Come join us to share some history and build
some friendships on the trails across Idaho!
 Outings are free and
everyone is welcome.
Oregon-California Trails Association

The national Oregon-California Trails Association, founded in 1982, is a
not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Independence, Missouri,
dedicated to education about, preservation and enjoyment of, the
trans-Mississippi emigrant trails.  
OCTA operates a large
bookstore dedicated to
offering the best available
titles on the emigrant
experience.  It also publishes
the scholarly
as well as a quarterly
News From the
, both of which are
mailed as a benefit of
membership.  M
embers have
access to the Paper Trail
database consisting of
information about hundreds
of emigrant diaries as well as
a digitized
Overland Journal
and diary collections.
Oregon-California Trails
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